Embrace the Season of Spirit: How Gratitude Can Raise your Vibration

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‘Tis the season to be?????  There are lots of emotions that come to mind; happy, stressed, overwhelmed, greedy, giving, joyful, or possibly a combination of it all.  This time of year is a special one for many reasons; be they religious, personal, familial, or celebratory.  Whatever the case, the holiday season is different from the rest of the year.  For many, it is a happy time, for some it is a lucrative time and for lots it is a stressful time.  Whatever this time of year has meant to you in the past; this year, let it also be a season of spirit.

Take the opportunity to form a deeper connection with our Creator and the angels.  In the story of Jesus’ birth, angels played a vital role as the messengers of his arrival.  Today, they are still trying to reach us, sending messages of love.  Let this be the season that you allow yourself to receive those messages and feel the loving presence of the Divine.

We are not alone; we are all surrounded by love every moment of every day.  It is there if you choose to see and feel it.  Often, we are filled with anger, resentment, sadness, irritation and other distractions that block our ability to sense this Universal love.  There is a way back to it if you choose to follow it.  Living in gratitude will align you with your higher self who only knows love and will deepen your connection to spirit.  Find at least one thing for which to be grateful every waking hour of every day this holiday season and you will open your heart to the angels and their limitless wonder.

Make a spiritual practice of gratitude starting with this Season of Spirit.  Keep a List of Thanks and write down your gratitude discoveries (after all, lists are a part of the holidays).  A Gratitude Jar is a wonderful family project.  Decorate an empty jar and encourage family members (or team members at the workplace) to fill it throughout the year with something they are thankful for each day/week/month (your choice); at the end of the year review the jar together and relive all the wonderful memories.  You can also keep a Gratitude Journal to write in daily.  These make wonderful presents and you can make your own.  Finally, a great craft for kids is a gratitude ornament.  Take an empty, clear plastic ornament and fill it with small pieces of paper that contain what you are grateful for this Holiday season; then look at them next year and refill the ornament again and again.  Perhaps you will have your very own gratitude Christmas tree to reflect on each year, what a beautiful tradition to start with any family or even just for yourself.

Soon, your gratitude practice will raise your vibration and connect you to spirit; allowing you to begin to see and feel the Divine, unconditional love of the Universe and your angels.  When you open your heart with the blessings of gratitude and embrace a season of spirit, yours will surely begin to shine!

Please enjoy the video above, Oprah speaking about having a Gratitude Journal as part of a Spiritual Practice of Gratitude.  This kind of journal is great idea for holiday gift giving that you can make for others!

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