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Where do you belong? This is the question for many as has been throughout all eternity…however it is being felt the strongest at this moment in your time.  How does one answer this question?  How does one even begin to know how to proceed?  Go inward, go inside of yourself, be of utmost honesty with self. Ask for clarity and guidance, guidance of the most pure of natures.  This is where the answer will come, this is where YOUR messages can be received, this is where YOUR guidance for You comes into play. 

Many do not know or do not believe but You too can channel.  Most think that when they come upon a message such as this, or channelings in general, that the person translating the message must be gifted and special and thoughts come up of “oh I could never do that” or “I wish I could do that” or “Why can they do that and I can’t?” or even “I can’t get guidance for myself like that.”

Dear Ones, we say to all, you are the messengers of your own life – you have always heard the messages and merely played them out as your creation, your experience.  You already do channel…the messages have merely been transposed in your life in a way different than that of reading these words.





          You are all gifted 

- none more special than another –

for what one experiences it is ultimately shared by all.  This may present as confusion to the mind, however, we say with absolute certainty all are one, all of this one experience is for all as it occurs.  A oneness comes back into being of where all originated from.  You are more aware of your original Essence than the human mind allows.  Your mind has been set up as a buffer to allow your human side to be focused in the Earth experience.  Currently on your planet, the shift has come up for all, where remembrance of who they are is in the forefront.  Do not be afraid in remembering….do not be afraid for the newness that will be coming up for you.  Trust and faith will be paramount in these days coming ahead.  Faith and trust in ones self, not in what the histories of old have stated it to be but faith and trust in your own Essence, your own divineness, your own knowingness.

We repeat the following from a previous message for it is most appropriate energetically to download into your Essence….

You DO remember….You DO understand….You ARE aware.


The Guardians of Light

Message channeled through Karen Kolesar        11-30-12

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Karen Kolesar is a retired chiropractor, channeler, and SRT Practitioner. She has been providing written channeled messages for others for the past 27 years. Messages have come through from deceased loved ones, relatives, pets, guides, and angels. For your own touching, personal. hand written, channeled message or for an SRT clearing session, please e-mail Karen at