Navigating In The New Energy 2

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It is time for all things new… a new way of being, acting and doing. Open your heart to these energies….YOU….You who read these words. These are not mere, random words being passed along from one to another stating it is not for you. It is for you – these words that will reach deep within your Soul Essence are the words you long to hear, the words your eyes will come upon to allow an opening of the energies to reach your heart.  You’ve long anticipated this. Your heart has lead you here. 

Are these words written in ego by the channeled author you may ask? We laugh at this mere consideration for the human mind always amuses us. They are not written in ego, in wishful thinking, or in hoping. The message is being related to you in a way that your Soul now recognizes itself, that it is fulfilling the script that You wrote to awaken You further to truth as it is, truth as it is for Your Soul.

Dear Ones, in the “mish-mash” (I had to ask them what mish-mash means here…this is their explanation….”mish-mash is a beckoning of sorts of the accumulation of it all, of all experience”.) of existence there comes a time, actually, many times where there is a wake-up call upon you where one is “jolted” into reality as it is rather than how one wishes it to be. Much of life resonates this way where wishes seem to be a mere faded memory and as a result one walks through life participating in others’ creations. A default type of living, however, we say this default type of living was created originally by You, by Your choice of scripts to write.  With this creation it is imperitive to inform you that All is well, no matter what the scenario is that plays out, no matter what scenario has played out for it truly is Your Essence which created it all.

Now the time/energy which resonates on the Planet is a different type of energy, more freeing, more allowing. You may question this due to the difficulties you currently experience or are plagued with. These difficulties are giving allowance for the new to come in – they are making way for the new.  It is as if major ice chunks are melting away in your spiritual Essence. Interesting comparison is it not for these massive ice chunks are also what the Earth Mother is releasing from her own Essence – releasing the old and making way for the new to flourish in “her life” resulting in a most divine newness in yours.

Be patient Dear Ones with the process and the progress. There is not much time left of living in the old energy. This is not a fear statement, informing you the end is near and doom and gloom will reside upon the planet.  It is a mere, simplistic statement of truth, truth being stated in the gentlest, most light-hearted of fashions.  The new energy stands on the precipice of a dawning of a most pristine existence. Applaud yourselves for all you have expressed and accomplished for it is your Divine Essence that stands in its own glory, pride, and acknowledgement, standing with one, standing with all for all are indeed ONE. 

We are most honored to send you this message….Namaste’.

The Guardians of Light

Message channeled through Karen Kolesar

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KarenLightWorkers World Author Karen (5 Posts)

Karen Kolesar is an SRT Practitioner, Channeler, and retired chiropractor. She has been providing written channeled messages for others since 1985. Messages have come through from deceased loved ones, relatives, pets, guides, and angels. Contact Karen at [email protected] for further information, for your own personal. hand written, channeled message, or for clearing of your Akashic Records with an SRT clearing session. Watch your life shift and your world open up!

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