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Dear Awakened Ones of the Heart Energy,

It is you we speak to at this moment in time to assist in awakening your heart to the divineness of your Soul Essence. An awakened heart is most desired at this time for all on your planet – to resonate from the heart, to vibrate and emit your own personal vibration.

The mind has been in the forefront of people’s existence – what they believed to be true because of what they “saw“, what was presented to them via the human eye. The outside world (what you see with the physical eyes) has revealed to you that which you believed yourself to be. A process which is of the mind, yet it is not who you are. It is not your essence nor where you resonate from.

We now ask that you begin to view life from an altered state of being and from a point resonating from the heart center for this is where you will begin to experience the All of the new world. It is upon you, all of you, this new energy we speak of. As you read these words, an energy transmission is being sent to awaken the heart center, a dynamic awakening of sorts. This activation will only occur with your permission stated so here. We anticipate your answer.

Open up further to connect with the divine energies now coming to and resonating on the planet. Your sensing and seeing will be awakened to a degree that is unmistakable for you. Your hearts will connect with the sensing and a blossoming will occur that will astound you. We state these words for you to awaken you to the grandest of possibilities.

As these words are being reviewed, a transmission of sorts is occurring where the mind comes into play attempting at full will to control the situation and wording, making it all “appropriate”. What we say to you there is no longer a reasoning required to critique the transmitted messages with the mind for the heart now steps up to the forefront and claims its space and connection with you. The heart is where the true filtering comes into play, providing allowance to see all that this newness has to offer. The old energy vibrated and focused from the mind….the new energy now vibrates and focuses from the heart. Trust that being in the new energy allows that guidance coming your way is already filtered, that there is no remnants of the old. You are the ones that set up this criteria as this is what works for you.

These words, which may present as confusing to the mind, will reset your vibrational tone and frequency of the heart to connect with truth at a most grand level.

This heart energy transmission has been sent from The Guardians of Light and The Council of One.

Message channeled through Karen Kolesar

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Karen Kolesar is a retired chiropractor, channeler, and SRT Practitioner. She has been providing written channeled messages for others for the past 27 years. Messages have come through from deceased loved ones, relatives, pets, guides, and angels. For your own touching, personal. hand written, channeled message or for an SRT clearing session, please e-mail Karen at

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