What Freddy Mercury Can Teach Us About Detachment

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‘Nothing really matters, anyone can see…nothing really matters.  Nothing really matters to me…any way the wind blows.” – Freddy Mercury

Beautifully put!  Thank you, Freddy Mercury for writing this poetic piece of universal truth and to Queen for adding the sound vibration and bringing this song alive through Bohemian Rhapsody.

Why am I quoting this?

Well, I was singing it the other day when it hit me, ‘this is quite spiritually profound’.

Mastery Over Matter

I have been going through a lot of detachment lately — on many different levels.  From friendships to career choices, desired outcomes to ego battles and the one thing that keeps coming up for me is ‘nothing matters’.

The energy of late seems to be circling around your ability to regroup and ground yourself to what is really important.

No material thing or situation should concern you too much — the lighter the baggage on your earthly sojourn, the less for you to carry (this should be taken literally and metaphorically).  The more at peace you are with the fact that you are here temporarily and no thing or person is a constant, the more likely you are to enjoy your experience.

Now, as I say in my book ‘Divine You’, I don’t mean that nothing matters in an ‘I don’t care’ sort of way.  The art of detaching is just another tool to let you be in the world and not of it.  Question yourself:

  • Can you be here, in this reality, but not be attached to it?
  •  Can you dream up desires and outcomes for yourself and not be attached to them if they change or do not materialize as you may have wanted them to?
  •  Can you detach yourself from drama — be it on a social network, in the office or with your family or friends?
  •  Can you look at circumstances as if you were hovering above them?  An observer, one that is removed from any outcome but still revels in the joys and intrigue of the world.
  • Can you be someone that cares and loves everyone and everything but could leave this plane of existence tomorrow?
  • Are you afraid of death?  Or have you made peace with your multi-dimensional, infinite existence?

Who are You?

This is the I AM THAT I AM  that people talk about.  Being 100% satisfied with where you are and who you are, without needing anyone or anything outside of yourself for gratification.

Loving enough to know when to say nothing, or do nothing, to help a loved one.  When you are able to detach from drama, you will show others that it can be done.  Peace is achievable — one soul at a time.

Do You Find it Difficult to Detach?

Detachment is not hard or cold.  It is your ability to love enough to leave a bit of space — some room for peace and stillness where there may be none.  You will be that still presence that can ground those around you into the present moment.

What is blocking your ability to let go?

  • Your mind or ego?  Do you perhaps get a kick out of drama?  Can you admit to that?
  • Your ‘worries’?  Do you think that to detach would leave you looking like you don’t care?

Remember that to detach is a loving act.  If you stress or worry about what other people will think of you for detaching or not getting involved in drama, then you need to work on why their opinions matter.  If they are close to you, either friends or family, you can still let them know you care but are not going to interfere with their lives.

If there is something tangible you can do to help, then by all means do but remain that still presence and have an awareness of your emotional body.  If you feel like you are being drained or getting sucked back into 3D drama, then you need to exercise detachment again (for further reading about detaching out of love or fear, click here:  http://cherieroedirksen.com/2012/04/12/are-you-clinging-by-your-finger-nails/).

Let’s Wrap This Up

When you realize that no-thing really matters, you can bend like a reed in the wind and go any way the wind blows.

You remain whole and unfaltering, present and aware — you are impartial and just.  This is true detachment.

Thank you, Queen.

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  1. Hi Cherie. I absolutely agree with all you say. I just still get a feeling of despair out of Freddie’s words “nothing really matters” in this specific context. And as you say he is caught up in the drama of duality and it is not as if he sees it all clearly and objectively at least not in this song. I am sure that “no-thing really matters” is a spiritual truth when we are completely detached from the earth drama, but I question if that was how Freddie saw it at the moment he wrote this song?

    • I understand what you are saying. We’ll unfortunately never know if he knew the spiritual profundity of his own words but he most likely did mean them in a more despairing way. I have to admit that the headline was more of a sensational pull than concrete evidence of Freddy’s spiritual foresight :) A cheeky trick to get peoples attention. But it’s also cool to get peoples different takes on the meaning behind lyrics. xxx

  2. I think it is very true and deep everything you say about detachment, but have to disagree about how Freddie Mercury’s words fit into this. You see as far as I see it, this particular song, Bohemian Rhapsody, is actually about a man who committed a very dark act and was too attached to ‘this’ world when he did this act. If you look at the words “nothing really matters..” and consider how they fit into the rest of the song, I would rather say that he is emotionally dead and unattached because he committed a crime. The words “is this the real life, is this just fantasy” are even more spiritually profound to me, maybe he actually got so involved and attached to the fantasy of 3D Life that he thought it was real?

    • Hi Camilla. Thank you for your spin on this. I have to agree with you about the song also being about committing a violent act. However, this is why it is such an incredible song, it is quantum. It has so many different layers to it — some are surface truths and others deeper truths. Our different perspectives will give this song so many alternated meanings. For me, it is about being a player on the worlds stage. We come here to learn and do this through acts of good, bad and everything in-between. The profundity of ‘is this the real life, is this just fantasy’ shows that he is caught up in the duality of this world. It actually sounds like he is trapped in a nightmare — I think we all can relate to that at some point or another in our lives. However, ‘no-thing’ really matters — we are just caught up in a cause and effect drama — is such a profound truth. The end scene of the movie ‘Titanic’ showed this beautifully, when Rose died and was climbing the staircase to Jack — all the people from her life were there, smiling and welcoming her, the so-called villains and friends. This shows us that on the other side there is no judgment, we are all players playing our parts. That, for me, is why no-thing really matters and this song reminds me of the peace that awaits us beyond the veil. Thanks so much for your comment and for letting us go deeper into this epic piece of poetry. :)


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