Healing with Light and Love – By Mary Lydia Ryan

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The light that shines daily from above beams from the sun. But what is the source of the sun’s light?

My personal experience with the sun transformed my life – literally.

I had a remarkable and life-changing experience with my eldest sister who died fifteen years ago. She found me from the other side of the veil and has walked with me and taught me and shown me splendid things. These things she has shown and taught me have come in small and quiet puzzle pieces mostly with occasional larger glimpses to confirm the pieces I have put together through prayer, meditation, conversations with my living sisters whom also have experienced dreams and glimpses into these same areas. Together we have been a team and partnership unlike any I’ve known before. It has been beautiful.

Following my initial encounter with Wendy, my eldest and departed sister, four and half years ago, I was lead down a beautiful path of learning how to heal my emotional scars with light. One of the most important teachers I was lead to was Belleruth Neparstek.

Though I was participating in various guided meditations by Belleruth, my own meditations began to form focusing only on the light of the sun. This light surged through me where I could feel it and breathe it in. It was that joyous sunlight I recall from my childhood when I could lie on my grass with my eyes closed basking in the warmth and splendor of that bright and beautiful light, warming my heart and soul.

As I went through these meditations I was as close to being a child once again without having gone back in time. While soaking in this sun and warmth and expansion I was aware of its transforming power.

I repeated this particular meditation daily recognizing the impact it was having on my heart and well – being. My soul felt a new clarity and lightness.

sun photo

The metaphor of this sunlight which daily was expanding and soothing my heart and soul became so very clear to me that this light was the pure light and love of the universe, powered by Christ Himself. I couldn’t escape this visual of the creator of this planet shining His brightest light down as freely as I drew it in to my space in what had become my daily routine.

Having felt the transforming impact of this light and now seeing this daily visual of where this light was actually streaming from, it was more than humbling. This realization has sent me down a further exploration of the light and love that Christ freely provides.

I went through a period of wrestling as I didn’t want to be a Christian, per se. There were too many heartaches associated with my Christian ties.

And simply, the power and light of Christ is what had awakened my heart and my soul in warmth and lightness and freedom and a pure love that I no longer wanted to live without.



My aim then and since has been to follow in this light and to share this light to the best of my human ability without contaminating it with my human flaws.

Christ’s love and light are pure and beautiful.

May you too, find its transforming and stabilising power.

~ Mary Lydia Ryan ~Intuitive Holistic Living Coach ~ Musician ~ Combining creativity and healing for a brighter existence

Resides in Seattle, Washington

Visit Mary at:

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