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All The Commanders Out In Space Are Wise And Loving

A song welled up in my throat this morning
came pouring out like steam,
and the rains told the purple Indians once again,
“Come, and do not look for the light out there
for it is within that we must send our artists and teachers.”
Plaster the musicians and the poets
all over the inside of their bodies
and we will reach a state of true brotherhood
as our lightbodies take hold
and the art becomes enlightened
all by itself.

Peter Aaron Rogen








I close my eyes, I see the light
So white, so bright, doesn’t burn my eyes
I see the trees, I see the sky
All are part of this beautiful light
The light is yours, the light is mine,
You have to allow it, to come to mind.
Slow down, look around it’s next to you,
Just waiting to be found…

Esther Kate


Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is a beautiful mind
It withstands and fights the egotistical mind
It allows the ego to believe it is superior,
Only to be reigned in, and back to inferior
The conscious mind opens you up to a conscious world
Pay attention, a beautiful mind calls

Esther Kate



The Lotus Flower Up Close

Avoid being affected by the weather.
Day in and day out just shine.

To find enlightenment is similar to
the enchanting paradox
that the lotus flower grows
in muddy waters
emerging from them unaffected
as if by a beauty
botanists cannot explain
but the awake can purely see
as they breathe deep into themselves
the smell of all the open lotus flowers.


Peter Aaron Rogen




I trust my breath, I trust your touch
I trust the sun, I trust the earth.
Why then the distrust of life and man?
Because both are uncertain and certain I trust.
Entertain the uncertain, entertain trust,
Sit back and relax, trust is a must.

By Esther Kate




Happiness is Outside

The Universe is alive, the Universe is love
The flowers are smiling, the trees are waving
Haven’t you noticed the sun, a reminder of fun?
Get out for a minute, feel the wind, maybe a run
Happiness is waiting, it’s out the window, it’s out the door
Embrace nature, the best medicine to soothe and more…

By Esther Kate



Inner Peace

We look on the outside for the answers we seek,
Books, articles all seem to have the answers we need,
When those don’t work, where else can you heed?
You are the most powerful being, all you need is within.
It may be hard, it may be easy, take your time, breathe in
Ask the questions, be calm
The answers will come, one by one.

By Esther Kate



A Good Use of a Poem

Use this poem
not as the words within it
but rather to douse in gasoline
and light on fire.
Use the flame to light
the tips of the arrows
which will be sunk deep into the chest
of all of Satan and his minions.


Peter Aaron Rogen


Thanks ALL for tuning in.  Big LOVE to YOU and to lightworkers world for your presence here on earth at this amazing time!




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