Zen as the Future

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Zen as the Future
By Zenaura Soluta

The way of the future is Zen. I do not state this as some specific method of any particular practice. I say it as the shortest lingual expression to define how our lives will be lived from a moment-to-moment basis. This way of Zen will sweep across our nation reaching to all borders. Socially, we will come to know it as the most sensible and enjoyable lifestyle. It will become the path of surrender. Relax, though! You will not have to surrender to any outside energy- only the inside enemy. When this way is acquired restriction of oneself will cease and the Truth of limitless will be embraced. Are you
ready to end resistance and breathe with the flow of life?

Zen is a Japanese word that was derived from the Sanskrit or Hindi word, Dhyana, which in English is translated as Meditation. All of these words can all be used interchangeably. One thing I have realized, living in the West, is that the majority has a false understanding of what any of these words mean. Reviewing English definition after English definition of the word Meditation, I find none can truly portray the meaning or significance. Coming to this discovery, I realized that our country is being deprived of the Truth of a practice that is essential for relaxed living.


The most important aspect the West has misinterpreted is that Dhyana is a verb. Though Dhyana and all corresponding translations must be expressed as a noun. Our Western culture has perceived meditation as a verb when it is actually a state of mind and being, not an occurrence of action. There is no effort in nouns and there is no effort in the state of meditation. This confusion has come from the fact that there is a process to understanding this True nature and that does take effort. From my own experience in encompassing this life I have broken this process down into three steps. Step one; master the mind. Step two; encompass the power. Step three; surrender to Totality. With these three steps we can find and lead a life of True Freedom, which is the life of Zen.

It was at a very young age that I embarked on this journey of understanding myself and this vast Universe surrounding me. At first, in step one, I began stepping beyond my thoughts to observe them. In this practice of witnessing my various expressions I came to know the mind, the ego and thyself. By logically coming to understand how the different levels of self work I became conscious of the power given to each soul. When one can predict how the mind will react to various influences one can come into their True power. When I began encompassing this power I took control of my reality and began manifesting my dreams. In doing that, I gained trust in the unseen and slowly but surely surrendered completely to the All Mighty Universe. This is when I came to accept the power of Totality. It was not until I had already surrendered that I realized what my practice had become. I now know this space as Zen and in my own, ungraceful discovery of this; I see it as the way of the future.

There are two concepts I see many Western practitioners mistaking meditation for. One is contemplation and the other is concentration. I will begin by stating that meditation is limitless. Neither contemplation nor concentration is limitless. They both have boundaries. Those states of being can be helpful to understand the process of becoming a Zen master, though. Most will even find those states are vital. For we have forgotten Truth and in doing so we have to concentrate our efforts and contemplate our effects.

There are a trillion ways to succeed in meditation. There are a million techniques including postures, chants, focus, visualizations, breathing and many more. These are only experiences though. True meditation is beyond this work. Most importantly, it is not the work of ten minutes or one hour. It is not the work of disciplining the mind to bring about mindfulness. It is not about repressing thoughts at all. It is neither about strain nor attainment. Though effort is needed to find the way, effort is not a characteristic of the way. That distinction is essential.

So what exactly is this Zen way, this Meditation? To keep this simple: Meditation is witnessing. This Zen life is being accepting of what is witnessed moment to moment. It understands wholeness, completeness, perfection. This life is about finding the stillness at the deepest part of the self and leading with it so all that is observed is not judged. It is the state of surrender to Totality. This way becomes a quality of the being. Whether the mind rambles or strays, one can be Zen, as long as one stays in the state of accepting observation rather than being unconscious of or even denying what is happening. Be conscious, be accepting, be Zen: allow life to be meditation.

To live this life is to live in Freedom. Freedom becomes the quality of the being. The world is currently enslaved with various conditions that allow danger to form and safety to feel rare. Although, both safety and danger occur as a result of gradual development. To begin the pilgrimage to becoming one with the Higher Self is to understand a gradual development that will allow Zen to lead the life experience. When we allow Zen to lead we have finally fathomed the true eternal safety always present. That safety is our natural state of being.

All life is a lesson in experience. In this experience of life we are both the experiment and the observer. Ultimately, we are the primordial energy beyond those both. To consciously accept thyself as this energy is to accept the role of thy own master. This lifestyle will begin spreading globally and is already known universally. When we realize that, our mundane views will dissipate and we will move forward with the understanding that meditation has two tunes; one is transforming the mind and the other is using it to explore itself and the infinite universal phenomena. Step into the flow of riding the waves of life and come to understand a way of being that just is.


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(Photo Credit for Thumbnail at the top:  Alice Popkorn)
(Photo Credit for meditation pose: Mat Davey)

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