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The Energy Shift Wants YOU!

By Stacy Vajta

We are truly living in an amazing time. Energetically we’re being re-wired and transformed.  And if you haven’t fully realized it yet, we’re clearly on a path to some new way of being —some new level of consciousness which is being co-created right before our very eyes.

I’ve been talking about, and working with, this ascension energy for about 10 years or so now.  It started with these downloads of energy that opened up my awareness of, and working with, many dimensions at once. A whole new energetic conversation opened up within me about what was happening within our energetic and nervous systems as a way to support the processing and integration of higher vibrations.

Having been working with energy for a long time prior to all this, I knew energy and my own energy…but this felt different. There were elements of sacred geometry – math at times – pouring into me, along with energetic conversations about new structures forming within our nervous systems to hold this.

It was a little crazy! It was a time of constant change for me as I learned the new energetic language of what was going on within, which of course changed my outer experience pretty drastically (but in a good way!).

Certainly for years now, many people have been experiencing these “upgrades” to their energy systems.

Sometimes people call them “energy symptoms,” as the process of this upgrade can feel like a head-squeezing, confusion or sleep disturbances. And these upgrades can also create an awakening experience to a deeper awareness to what is unseen.

All over the globe people are “waking up” to this new understanding of their own energy; as well as how they – as energetic beings – can affect change. Our energetic wiring has shifted to hold higher vibrations, and we’re becoming more conscious of how thought and vibration manifest onto the physical plane. And we’re definitely learning how to work with energy in new ways.

And sure, there are many who have yet to step into this, but I do believe there’s been a tipping point of some kind…as the energy has shifted from an internal re-wiring to more of an external co-creation.

Here we are half way through 2012 (the big year) and what I see is that these energy shifts are starting to tell a very clear story.  I see a new level of energy moving into play, arising out of the tremendous energetic changes over the past few months.

These recent energetic and cosmic events have dramatically shifted the playing field to fully allow some new, big changes to happen outside of ourselves. Those who have been working through this energetic upgrade for some time are feeling the call to step out into the world – to show up – and affect change.

In my own process, I noticed a while back that what felt like an intensity to be present to what was going on within had shifted. I was being asked to switch gears and go from quiet inner processing as a way to release old patterns and heal, to what’s now a need to be out in the world… to show myself and what I now know from all my inner understanding. To play my role in the ascension process, I needed to get to a place where my energy could support my role, and now I need to take what I know about all this to the streets!

It’s part of the evolutionary process to test out our growth but also to fuel the shift. The next level of information and ideas needs to be put out in the light of day, in order to propel change and keep the process in a state of movement.

You may be feeling a similar pull to show up and “step up” in some new form.  

This evolutionary energy that is present is providing a new container for us to engage with it in a way that continues our own personal growth, but also encourages more outward engagement to fuel or help actualize what is being created.

No longer is it just about inner work, which is still important so we stay fluid to the energy as it continues to change (and it will for a while), but it’s also about moving our inner work out into the world in a way that holds our Truth.

People all over have been uncovering their deep soulful calls to action —what’s important to them. And all the recent cosmic events (the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Venus Transit, the solstice, and Uranus-Pluto squared) have absolutely left us in a place of fostering new ideas and inspiration with an energetic container available on the planet where our ideas and vision can actually be received in a way that, perhaps, feels safer or more feasible.  The energy now is holding space for something new.

Over the last several years we’ve been energetically shifting into a level of responsibility and ownership of our Being-ness, so it makes sense that we’re stepping up and co-creating with energy as we go forward. Stepping up and owning what we are called to do—to put our ideas out into the world to create change—is how we propel the shift forward from the inside out.

Recognizing your inner vision and taking it to the street is the key to fueling the shifting consciousness of the planet.  The Universe is recruiting you! What are you planning to add to the energetic conversation?

About Stacy Vajta

Stacy Vajta is a master energy healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience specializing in helping people to transform the entrenched — and often hard to locate — energetic patterns which show up in reoccurring emotional issues and chronic physical conditions. She’s on a mission to help people learn to work with their own energy as they heal and expand! Visit her Expanded Pathways website. She’s also  Facebook and Twitter… stop by and say hi!

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