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Are you a writer, filmmaker, artist or entrepreneur looking for a terrific way to put yourself in the spotlight? You are invited to get your beautiful website, key teachings, empowering ideas, unique talent, product or service shared on for free. 

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Traffic to our site is exceptional and set to explode even more in the coming months as we expand and bring to fruition a Reality TV show for Indie Filmmakers and new authors to make their work a commercial success.

In addition to sharing your messages with the Light Workers World Facebook Community, we are partners with several influential Social Media Pages and we can draw attention to high-quality articles through them:


Now is the ideal time to submit articles to Lightworkers World.

“Posting my article on your site just got me an invitation to bring our work to Kansas City. Kansas must be in need. In any case, thank you. I will try my best to support your work!” ~Andreas Mamet


“After posting my very first article here on, Light Workers World, I received an email the following morning from a prospective client asking me to come up to Canada to work with them and their colleagues in private sessions. Things happen fast when frequencies are in alignment – and Light Workers World has a high frequency mission!” ~Gil Alan


 Submission Guidelines

We are open to variety, but we especially like fresh perspectives on topics such as:

Inspire others with spiritual writing

-Health and Wellness

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

– Meditation, Zen & Eastern Teachings

– Emotional & Spiritual Healing

– Spiritual Parenting

– Conscious Relationships

– Channeling/Spirit Guides/Angels/Extra Terrestrials

– Tai chi, Yoga, & Movement

-Uplifting Poetry

-Conscious and Awakened Perspectives on Current Events

True Stories of Breakthrough and Miracles (Read the Submission Guidelines for Breakthrough Stories)

How-to articles, spiritual tools, and positive messages, with a few brief personal stories or anecdotes woven in to the article, tend to do the best.  But there is room for creativity and your unique expressions of Love and Light matters most. Please have a look at the articles in the categories on the right-hand side of our website for ideas of what we are looking for.

500 to 2000 words is the optimal length for an article. Short, easy-to-read paragraphs are best.

Girasoles para los amigos  / Sunflowers for the friends
Claudio.Ar / / CC BY-NC-SA

*Important: Your submission must not be previously published elsewhere on the internet. The reason for this is to maximize visibility in search results. Also, of course we intend to keep your message intact, but be willing to have it mildly edited so we can ensure it gets the most exposure. (In your submission to us, please indicate that you read and agree to these two points.)

See below for further details on poetry submissions

If for whatever reason your article is not accepted, don’t take it personally. It is just not a fit for us at this time. Also, although we read every submission carefully, because of the volume we receive we may not be able to respond individually.


“Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility.” ~Rosabeth Moss Kanter


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~ Mary Lou Cook


“Tears of joy, tears of sadness. Tears are words that need to be written, spoken, shared.” ~ Paulo Coelho


Submit your Articles!

How to Apply as a Contributing Writer:

Please email us and put “Contributing Writer Query” in the subject line.  Please put a sample (or samples) of your writing all in one MS Word document.  If you don’t have MS Word it is okay to submit samples in the body of an email.  If you have a website or video to supplement your article, be sure to include any links.

Along with your writing samples, please share a little about why this excites you! What knowledge/skills do you have? WordPress? SEO? What do you love to write about? What are you passionate about? And anything else you wish to say!

If accepted, we will set you up with your own log in information and you will be given the freedom to upload and publish your own work.  This gives you the control and freedom to format your articles as you like and it also gives you a Bio page, which highlights your articles and is your own corner on Light Workers World.  A lot of people are building their email lists, promoting events and selling their books this way. We have gotten very busy here and that is why we are asking Contributing Authors to help out by uploading their own articles.  We’ll answer any questions that come up and of course we will help you as much as we can to get your work shared and seen!!

Email us at

We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Love, Peace and Magic,

~LightWorkers World


Further details on Poetry submissions:
You can submit articles or we also welcome poetry submissions. Keep in mind, we publish poems that have positive reminders…. messages of inspiration about joy, love, inner light, positive energy, etc…
Also, 600 words or more is what we are looking for. So consider sending us a few poems related (or somewhat related) to one theme.

If you only have one small poem to share, that is probably fine too. We often create “Poetry Collages.” These are a compilation of poems, put together artistically with photos along side them. If you send along just one poem, please indicate to us that it is okay with you if we include your poem in a compilation.

to manifest writers launch pad

Helpful Resources and Writing Tips

How to Become a Good Writer – A powerful article to bring depth to your message

Use the Power of Intention to be a Great Writer. Here is a great article and video to help: Jim Carrey and the Power of Intention

And here is a great way to do a writing meditation to clear your mind and empower yourself:

Anne Lammot is also a great resource for all writers. Her book Bird by Bird offers an authentic look at what it takes to be a good writer.




(Photo credit Alice Popkorn for the nature photo at the very top)

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  1. would you like an article on the most difficult of divinatory sciences,
    palmistry ?

  2. Hi , thank you so much for the great work, I would really love to be a contributor in light and love. There are so many people seeking ligh and love , that would benefit from theses pages. Please consider me as a contributing writer for the magazine. I would love to share as I have searched especially in south Africa for lightworkers alike seeking to spread love and insight to others.

    • Dear Nonkululeko

      Thank you for the wonderful note. Please feel welcome to apply using the email address above. Send a little note end a sample article too.

      We look forward to reading your submission!
      Light Workers World

  3. Hi there,

    I’m trying to find the email address to submit an article but I cannot find it anywhere. Could you please send me the link/address.

    Thank you so much!

    Love & Light,

    • It’s in there Kristina. Please read the submission guidelines one more time and I think you will find it.

      Sorry, we just get a lot of spammy requests sometimes, so we decided to make our email address a little less visible to screen out some of the spam.


      We look forward to seeing your work.

  4. Please add me to your e-mail list. I will submit future musings………..

  5. Hello,
    My beloved and I are focused on serving as many souls as possible. We do this by providing a range of services. Some are possible via Skype. Our page is “Anahata Multidimensional Health and Healing”. If you feel drawn to have a look that would be great! If you like what we are trying to achieve, please share on your page..
    Peace, love and light,
    Shanti Deva


  6. Little something i written a while back ..hope you enjoy..
    Peace and love Paul.x

    Freedom is in us all, no need to await your call,
    But best to learn to fly after you learned to fall,
    Then you can fly higher and higher above it all.
    Use all the inspiration you get, but never forget,
    Nor look back and regret,
    Your destiny will come its just not happened yet!

  7. Good day too you all, My name is Khodi- Kuba A. Bennu (officially) I have been Writing for about a Decade or more, but I am as of now unpublished, still I started Writing a little when I first attended Harvard University’s Extension School in the Late 1990s and then subsequently when I also attended New York University’s School of Continuing Education. I have been Writing all over wherever I can usually about Metaphysical, Supernatural, and Quantum Mechanical Physics etc., I have a few short Poems that I have put on several Blogs on the Internet, here is a Brief Sample… The Circular Whirlwind, Life is indeed a Circular Spiraling Whirlwind, and it would seem that the only way out of our mundane superficialities, is to go within, indeed the only way out sometimes is to go within.
    “Nothing is Impossible, it is a very limiting idea when you truly think of the true meaning of such a word as Impossible, there is and has never been such a thing as Nothing, there has too have been something in the nothing in order for there to be anything and subsequently everything that is, for everything is what it is…What is Absolute? Truth is the only real real Absolute, it is indeed the only True Safeground. Yes very Metaphysical but I have better and much deeper too share. Thank You for Your Time and Consideration. :))

    • Hi Kuba,

      Looks like you have much to offer and a great flare for writing! Please read the submission guidelines above. All the info is there on how and where to submit your writing.

      Michael and Light Workers World

  8. Hello…
    I’m contacting you to see if you post display ads from individuals (sources other than Google), and if so, would you please send me your rates. The “Lightworker Online Training School” was just launched, and I am seeking other lightworker oriented sites through which to get the word out. Thank you, Jim Malloy

  9. Hello all at Lightworkers world,

    I am a writer based in Toronto, Canada and I am currently working on my new, upcoming website soon to be published to the internet.

    I am developing a blog with my new website and I hope to be able to share some of my writing with someday very soon.

    Both my website and blog will have a primary focus of spiritually themed words. I have a few spiritually themed poems on hard copy right now
    (not sure if I’ve reached 600 words yet. I will have to do a computer based word count for that). I am also “crazy busy” these days as I am working on fixing up my website before I publish it to the internet in a few weeks.

    Please contact me to let me know if anyone at will be interested in looking at my spiritually themed collection of poems and I will do my best to get it all onto a computer somehow.

    Thanks and Blessings,
    Shea (sounds like SHAY)

  10. I have started a church, the “Church of love” We are active in water programs both local and abroad. I read on your website we were welcome to copy articles… My question is will you also allow me to copy and use your picture for “Spiritual Love”? It would be ideal for our church! Thank you for your time and trouble.,
    Ron Mathers (Church of Love)

    • Hi Ron

      Thank you for asking. The best thing to do is to post a short excerpt from the article you wish to share, along with a link back to the full version on Light Workers World. You are welcome to do that. That helps both our websites get more visibility and traffic through Google.

      I don’t think we ever said people are welcome to copy articles in full.

      As far as photos go, almost all the ones on our site are royalty free. But some are not. Use at your own risk!

      Michael and Light Workers World

  11. Thank you for reading this comment,i am a spiritul healer,and i would love to help other peaple on the spiritul path,because it can be a very difficult road and a lonely one at that.finding faith its self can be difficult on it’s own as we are continuously being tested on an every day it’s a meterial world it is also a disposable word,every day values,morals and principles are fading as we speak.compassion for people who are less fortunate than our selves

  12. There is no death …

    Happy news about life and death :-) Life after death is natural and has nothing to do with religion … religions have only used it as a purpose to get power. – There is no death … we live on in our ethereal astral body —- It’s no more strange or mystic/magic with an invisible astral body than invisible mobile waves …

    London – UK

  13. What a wonderful site. I found it through a Facebook link. It’s heart-warming to connect with so many kindred spirits. Thank you for your openness to help others get their work out into the world. Collaboration is the way of the future for sure.

  14. My aunt has written a book, El Cosmos sus Misterios y el Tiempo, in Spanish, and we would like to give it more publicity to the Spanish speaking community. She also publishes a daily message for all humanity. How can we go about giving her book more exposure and publishing her daily messages.

    Many thanks,
    Fernando A. Echeverria y Herreria (Healer)
    Cecil Zevallos (Author)(Healer)

    • Good question Fernando. We are continually expanding. Currently (Fall of 2012) most of our visitors speak English. But check back in with us down the road! We are adding a “translate button” and a lot is coming. Be well, LWW

  15. Hi,

    I currently have two books out via Ozark Mountain Publishing, and I write metaphysical articles for twice a week. I also post a link to those columns on your wonderful community page, and I’m so grateful that you allow me to do so. Is it okay for me to submit the articles this way as well? Thank you for another wonderful opportunity, and I’m passing this info on to some other writers that I know. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. I have written a pair of novels and an adapted screenplay. The latest is based upon my own visions and infuses my personal philosophy. It is entitled, “I Miss Your Purple Hair”. I don’t know if most who read it understand all of the intention behind it, but I still believe I was manipulated by higher forces to write it, as I encountered a two-year span of visions and synchronicities that all manifested in reality. I don;t imagine you would be interested either, but it is all I have. Best wishes.

    • Robert, feel free to keep in touch with us. We have begun developing strong contacts in the Film and Tv industry, and one never knows how it will happen and unfold. Best wishes, LWW

  17. Hello, I am a fellow Lightworker. It is amazing when something is placed before you that you feel, acknowledge and are blessed to recognize as an opportunity… Please feel free to check out my blog… Messages, teachings, explanations of love, hope, possibilities and awakening.

    Peace be with you, Jen

  18. Thank you for a wonderful site — I have linked back to this website from my own (in the sidebar). It is great to be able to read and share uplifting stories and self-empowerment tips/information with the lightworkers community.

    • Thank you Cherie. It’s good to have you here… On this website… and on Earth!
      Sending much love and light to you!

  19. Bill Douglas, author of awakening fiction novels “2012 The Awakening,” and “A Conspiracy of Spirits,” and of the non-fiction “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & Qigong.”

    Bill is the Founder of World Healing Day, celebrated annually in hundreds of cities in over 70 nations.


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