An Emotional Healing ‘Tool Kit’ for Lightworkers During these Accelerated Times-Trust me you’re going to need it!

By: Nadine Dassier


The amplified energies at this time make it feel as if the volume is on ‘high’ on our universal radio.  Every day brings a new song and a different vibration that streams into our reality. Sometimes it’s an uplifting, get off your feet and jump around kind of tune. While other times it’s a tear jerking ballad, soothing symphony, or simply a barrage of lyrical assaults. All is intensified; the good, the bad and the ugly.spiritual transformation

This amplified energetic era has provided us with a landscape that nourishes us like never before. We are experiencing great opportunities and transformations on an epic scale.  These energies are paving the way for us lightworkers to get out there and do our work. But, as we do, like any warrior, we will encounter dragons on our way. Old emotional wounds are popping up as if out of nowhere and amplified like never before. There is no running and hiding from these traumas. They are like the debris on the surface of the lake, rising to the surface to be swept away. We are being invited to clear away our wounds from this lifetime and many others, so that we all may become clearer channels of light for our beloved planet.

Now is the time to take back your power and truly put to use the healing tools that you have acquired in your years (or for some of us, decades) of spiritual exploration and development. Remember, since everything is amplified in this energetic powerhouse, then so are your healing experiences. Now is the time for deep, lasting healing of even some of our oldest long standing hurts.

So, dear lightworker, when you are in the crux of an emotional upheaval, please do not cower. Instead, roll up those sleeves and pull out your healing tool kit!

Here are a few golden nuggets from my own personal tool kit.

1)      Practice in daily physical energy balancing techniques- Such as yoga, qi gong, or one of my favorites, Donna Eden’s daily 5 minute energy routine (check it out on Youtube). These practices keep your energies in a more balanced state, where you will be better equipped to handle what life throws at you.

2)      Daily 20 minute sits meditation- I know this one is difficult for many of us but, if you set aside some quiet time in the morning or the evening to simply sit and focus on your breath, or the light of a candle, you find the deep well of peace within you. Some days you’ll be counting down the minutes, others you’ll not want to stop, either way you will benefit. A great resource for beginning (or revisiting) this practice is Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass.

3)      Get up and move- When you find yourself mulling things over again and again, like a gerbil on a wheel, it’s time to get out of your head and into your body. Take a jog, play some tennis, get on the trampoline or just dance. Be sure to make it vigorous, it’s the momentum that ‘snaps’ you out of the funk.

4)      Play- Or better yet play with the children in your life. Nobody knows how to find the beauty of the present moment like children.  Get out the hose for a spray session, roll in the snow or jump in the leaves to reconnect with the intense joy that play has to offer.


5)      Allow yourself to experience your ‘negative’ emotions- Ignoring and avoiding difficult emotions only make them spread like wild fire.  In our lightworker community, many feel pressured to be constantly beaming with positivity, as if they must frolic through life in a perpetual state if bliss. That’s just not the reality of our human condition.  There is no doubt that we will experience pain, it’s how we handle it that counts.

When you are experiencing emotional turmoil try to cultivate a sense of emotional awareness. Explore your emotions, meditate on them, journal about them or express them though artistic endeavors. You may not only gain new understandings about yourself through these practices, but you may actually find true peace through a sense of detachment.

6)      Integrate crystal healing into your everyday life– Carry them with you, bath with them, keep them in your work space and place them near you while you sleep. They will help by absorbing harsh energies as well as help you tune in to whatever frequency you want to work with. There are many wonderful books on crystals that will help you to learn their different properties, Crystal Therapy, by Doreen Virtue is one of my favorites.

7)      Protect your energy- Before you step out the door, or better yet before you get out of bed! Whatever your protection technique (white light, golden egg, or cloak, etc.) be sure to do it every day! Also, be sure to set you intention with it, see all good flowing in and all negativity bouncing off into a ball of golden light where it is transmuted and transformed.

8)      YouTube , a tool box of it’s own- I am still shocked when I discover many of our clients at our drop-in Chakra Clinic are completely unaware of the multitude of lightworker resources that are available on YouTube. In case you have not yet  unearthed the spiritual support system that is available on YouTube, here are my favorites:

Guided meditations– From clearing your chakras to healing with the angels it’s all there ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hrs. There are a multitude of journeys awaiting you.

Daily and weekly Oracle card readings– These readings help us to navigate through our lives with a clearer understanding of the current universal vibrations. These messages bring hope, clarity and a sense of oneness to us. They are another reminder that we are not alone on this journey and that we are an integral part of a greater whole. My favorite oracle channels are 4angeltherapy, elvenmagic111 and star seed psychic. There are many more, so I invite you to explore and discover the readers that resonate with you.

Distance Video Healing-Many healers have posted video healing sessions that work through time and space to provide healing energies that are available to you for free and at anytime, day or night. While personal sessions are much more powerful and insightful, these videos are a marvelous resource for your ER tool kit. My favorite distance video healer is Ataana, his channel is titled ataanaloa. He has over a 100 videos which are almost all distance healings. You will easily find one to match your needs.


Spiritual Teachings- There are discussions on nearly every metaphysical and spiritual topic you can think of, ranging from 5 minute discussions to 2 hour conferences. With such great variety and depth of knowledge, you are sure to find something to help with your particular dilemma.


9)      Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine- offers several exercises that you can do to not only help balance your energies for overall health and wellness,  but she also gives you priceless emergency techniques you can use when you are in the midst of an emotional crisis.  Here are my favorites: the ‘OMG’ points, which get your blood flowing back to your vital organs during fight vs. flight, ‘expelling venom’ and the ‘blow out’, for releasing anger and frustrations. You may find these on YouTube, but I also encourage you to read her books, they contain a wealth of information.

10)   Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity (DVD). In this valuable video, Gurutej Kaur teaches us 12 2-3 minute, fairly simple movements that can immediately release mental and emotional energy blockages within our system. Believe it or not this vital tool for mental health is available on NetFlix or on Amazon: Gurutej Kaur: Chakra Yoga for Mental Clarity

11)   Get regular energy treatments.  Make a trade with friends, find an affordable healer you love in your area, or get a private distance healing session (from us, or other healers), do whatever it takes to integrate regular healing sessions into your repertoire of self care. These sessions will help you release the deeper energy blockages within your system as well as offer insight and clarity on your path.


I hope these ideas are useful to you on many levels. Many blessings to you as you get out and do your work. Take great care of yourself lightworker, the world needs you!

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Nadine Dassier is an Intuitive Healer and mother of three vibrant boys with a social service background serving people with disabilities. Nadine is committed to serving her global community by offering affordable healing services to all. Her dream is to make energy healing and metaphysical practices accessible to everyone. She volunteers her services within her community in nursing homes, schools and drop-in programs. Nadine and her sister Fran Dassier founded EnergyWORKS! Intuitive Healers through which they offer an array of healing services, including their popular bi-monthly Chakra Clinics at Present Moment Books and Herbs. These clinics are extremely affordable and make healing easily accessible within their community in Minneapolis, MN. Nadine specializes in Distance Healing, Chakra Clearings/Healing, Spiritual Coaching and assisting those who are near death in crossing over.
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