The Age of Conscious Television Has Arrived

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“Don’t you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘Brightness,’ but it doesn’t work.” ~Gallagher

That knob has arrived and times have now changed!  With cable programs such as Oprah’s Life Class and subscription programing such as Eckhart Tolle TV, there are an increasing number of genuine, supportive and inspiring shows to watch.

These programs (reality shows, talks shows, and more on the way) are proving that watching television does not have to be an avoidance of life; it can be an opening to really live.

Have a look at what Ellie Drake has created.  Ellie takes spirituality into your living room with her Conscious Television show A Brave Heart View.  Watch these two clips to get a taste of how she has helped change the media.


Conscious TV – How to Lose Dress Sizes the Spiritual Way


Visit Ellie at


Awakening Through TV

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with “zoning out” while sitting in front of the TV, there is another way to approach it.


Here are some suggestions from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle on how to raise your consciousness while watching TV:

“Rather than watching at random, choose the programs you want to see. Whenever you remember to do so, feel the aliveness inside your body as you watch. Alternatively, be aware of your breathing from time to time. Look away from the screen at regular intervals so that it does not completely take possession of your visual sense. Don’t turn up the volume any higher than necessary so that the TV doesn’t overwhelm you on the auditory level. Use the mute button during commercials. Make sure you don’t go to sleep immediately after switching off the set or, even worse, fall asleep with the set still on.” ~Eckhart Tolle


How Can Conscious Television Become More Widespread?

We have to realize that WE shape the media through our actions, choices, and our voice.  If you spot a show you like, write to the cable company that produces it and let them know!  We are not at the mercy of programming.  We have a lot of power to help shape it with our intention and desire.  What we say and do and the choices we make about what to watch influence the media.

We think the media influences us, when in fact it is the other way around.  It is time to tell the truth to ourselves about this.


What are your thoughts on this topic?  What TV programs have truly inspired you?  Please share in the comments below.  All ideas are welcome.



Light Workers World


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  1. Aloha Michael!

    A friend passed this article along to me because I am in the process of creating a new, conscious TV show as well! It is called PeleMa.TV and it is focused on seeding a new vision and new paradigm for parenthood, interpersonal relationships, business, and more! I will be sitting down with people who are already navigating a new, harmonious paradigm and exploring questions like, “Is it possible to create businesses, families, relationships where everyone truly wins (the earth, the business, the employees, the children, the parents, etc)? How can we best support this new generation of children that are coming through right now? How do we come together and experience truly co-equal relationships?

    If you are interested in checking it out, we have created a trailer and are running a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo ( We hope to begin airing the series on December 21 as a positive, symbolic message to the world of new hope and new beginnings! In order for us to bring about more conscious television we will have to continue to support each other in the creation of this – we can vote for more conscious TV by writing to the networks when we like a show just as you mention above, and we can also support independent productions through “crowd-funding” platforms like Indiegogo!

    Thanks for the insightful article and for helping with the proliferation of a new era of media!

  2. I was thinking over the weekend about a movie idea. Actually i had a dream about it. On 12.21.12 people wake up and there pets have moved into the 5th demension. In order for the humans to be reconnected to there pets they adore, they must raise there personal vibration level, through right acts of kindness, meditation, eating healthy,laughing more, loving more…….. Once this is achived they can re reunited with there pets on the 5th demention. Also much of the world is transformed. In JOY, Marleen


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