Review of the Movie Thrive: The Most Pivotal Movie Ever? – By Michael Alperstein

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Oh my God, Thrive the Movie is hands down the most pivotal movie to come around in a while.  I watched it with 30 people in a friend’s home and we were ALL touched, energized, awakened, and enlivened.  We are not the same after watching this film!

If you don’t know anything about the film yet, please start by watching the trailer:

The Thrive Trailer




I can’t stop thinking about the film.  It touched a really deep place in me.  It touched and honored the part of me that feels “trapped in the system.”  Many times in my life I have felt at the mercy of “powers out there.”

It’s an inner pressure I am talking about, and an outer pressure too:   Pressure to be something I am not…. Peer pressure….  Pressure to go through school…  Pressure to succeed…  Feelings of being trapped in life-zapping jobs….  All of it!   I have felt pressure to conform, fear of what other people think of me, and pressure to suppress what’s in my heart of hearts.  That’s not thriving!  I will say more about my experience in a moment, but first I want to say something about the film’s trailer.

The trailer is good, and yet the Film is awesome.  Beforehand,  I did not know how important and powerful the film was just by watching the trailer.  I saw the trailer and thought it looked good.  But in my mind I kind of lumped the movie in with other documentaries I’d seen.  My thought after seeing the trailer was something like this:  A good message…. but one that may not get through to the right people.

Watching the film is something else.  It is more than a message and a film.  It’s a movement.

My entire being lit up watching this film!

I loved it, and it was not always easy to watch.  It triggered some vulnerable places in me.

For example:  Throughout much of my school days, from elementary school through to college, I felt helpless within a system that was constantly teaching me so much stuff that I did not like.  So much stuff that has nothing to do with what’s in my heart and what my real joys are and what matters most to me.


“If a child is poor in math but good at tennis, most people would hire a math tutor.  I would rather hire a tennis coach.”  ~Deepak Chopra


There is soooo much pressure on kids to learn, conform, and study.  Here is an example:  My eight year old nephew Nicholas had an absolute meltdown one morning.  He went to sleep, planning to finish his homework in the morning.  He had to write some sentences.  About a half hour before we needed to leave for school, he suddenly remembered he had “Six sentences to do!”  He burst into tears.  “I can’t do six sentences in a half hour!” 

I assured him that he could.  He did them.  And it was OK.  But wow, what pressure!!

(There is a great TED talk, by the way, on how schools squelch creativity.  You can see it here:  TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson)

Anyhow, my point is we have probably ALL felt boxed in, corralled, herded and under a microscope at some point in our lives.  Perhaps many of us feel this way much of the time, yet it is just so part of our norm that we hardly notice it…

Back to the movie Thrive…    It gets you to notice it!!   It shines a light on how we have been “controlled and corralled” by a handful of wealthy, elite people. That’s the aspect of the film that may not be easy to watch. Watching the film brought up, for me at least, the feeling that I am trapped in a world that does not make sense. It’s a frightening feeling.

thrive dvd

thrive dvd

My life is about love, growth, spirituality, playfulness, freedom, creativity….  That is what my inner world is about….    But on the outside, it’s not always been easy…    There is pressure to play certain roles.  There are “battles” sometimes….     Financial battles, health battles, political battles, and so on….     These are problems we have almost all faced.  The movie speaks courageously and honestly about these global and interpersonal challenges and more.


You Can Now Watch Thrive for Free

Thrive opens the door to solutions.  Real.  Non-violent. Do-able solutions.  You can learn more at their website:

Some of the information the film puts out may be controversial, but I gotta say, it rang true to all 30 people watching the film with me.  Right after watching it, we were already making plans to watch it again and to discuss how we can support each other in implementing solutions.  Some of the people in my group said the info was not new to them, however they all said it was put together in a NEW way, and that is why the film has such an impact.  Foster Gamble has really put the puzzle pieces together.    It just makes sense.

The film illuminates and discusses so many problems we face on the planet and empowers us toward real solutions.  It opens the gateway to solutions to poverty, starvation, financial crises, war, health problems.   Real solutions.  Practical steps.  Positive change.


thrive movie

thrive movie

Here’s a scene from Thrive:


Here’s the beautiful theme song and music video from the movie Thrive

And here are the Lyrics to the Thrive Theme Song:


cycles repeating – the earth is speaking
saying time has come to wake up from
this nightmare of lies
so many shattered lives
reaching out… crying

crying out for freedom
crying out for love
carried by the current
‘til we stand side by side
on the brink of a brand new dawn

we come together while the waters rise
there’s a stirring…
what on earth does it take to thrive?

while we’ve been sleeping
our hearts were beating
so much closer than we ever knew
beneath the noise there’s an inner voice
whispering clear and true

the veils are finally lifting
a way’s becoming clear
there’s a dream without a limit
and a vision so strong
every person knows they belong

we come together while the waters rise
there’s a stirring… deep inside… deep inside
we come together to stand up for our lives
what on earth does it take to…

out in the open
healing what’s broken
every heart… every life
claiming our place in it now

we come together while the waters rise
there’s a stirring… deep inside… deep inside
we come together to stand up for our lives
we all have what it takes to thrive
we come together while the waters rise
there’s a stirring… deep inside… deep inside
we come together to stand up for our lives
we all have what it takes to thrive
we all have what it takes to thrive
we all have what it takes to thrive!

Copyright©2011 Clear Compass Media, LLC

Words and Music by Austin Willacy and Ariel Thiermann
Sung by Ariel Thiermann and Austin Willacy
Produced by Gary Malkin and Ariel Thiermann



thrive the movie theme song

thrive the movie theme song


Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this film.  I think it will appeal to a lot of people:  Spiritual people, non-spiritual people, and beyond.  It’s the best wake up call I’ve seen in a while.


thrive foster gamble

thrive foster gamble

Helpful Links:

This is a good audio to listen to:  Interview with Foster Gamble

Here is another post you may enjoy:  Our list of top spiritual movies

And again, you can get the thrive DVD and read more at their website:



This is really an important film and one to be seen by many.  Please share this link with others and please add your comments to the bottom of this page.  This will help make people more aware of the film.  You can share anything you want in the comments field below:  Your thoughts on the trailer or thoughts on the film if you have seen it.  You can even just say hi!   All comments are valuable and welcome. 

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  1. It was awe-inspiring, except for the Alien stuff. The movie lost all credibility with that mumbo jumbo. Couldn’t they have just linked the code section with the higher knowledge of our ancestors? Did they have to link it with Aliens? Made the whole movie a deal killer for me.

  2. The film is too long and tries to cover too much. It’s basically an amalgamation of a lot of other people’s work–pioneers who have been spreading their messages for a few years now. I guess the one thing in it’s favor is that it bundles up all this information and adds just enough dazzle to hold people’s attention — those for instance who might not sit through an entire lecture by someone brilliant like physicist Nassim Haramein.

    • Or that they just don’t care about what’s happening around.

  3. This looks good. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Michael,

    Great post, I watched this movie last night for the first time last night and was blown away. Yes, most of this information is already out there, but Foster Gamble really puts it together in a new way [like you said] that really sheds conscious light to the seriousness of the issue at hand but takes us on a journey to were we can bring this planet and our civilization back into healthy functioning system that is sane and just. Much light and Love.


    • Thank you Chris. Glad you liked it too.
      Be well,

  5. Absolutely Brilliant TED link, thank you! Laughter and Tears <3

    I am planning to watch THRIVE today. As much as I was anticipating it's release, I managed to forget that it had happened until today!

    Here is a link to a piece I recently wrote on Reality as a Reflection of our Creative Self, and A Poem I wrote for 11-11-11:

    Much Love,
    Rachael Ehrlund


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