We are all Channels. Most Humans are not aware of it but we are. When we come up with a brilliant idea, a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece or a stroke of genius, we tend to think of “Divine Inspiration”, “the Muses” or a bolt from the blue.

Some of us channel Archangels, some of us channel Leonardo, Tchaikovsky and some of us channel Einstein. Some of us channel Spirit Guides while some channel the dearly departed from the other side and some channel energy. But the fact remains that we all do channel.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~Albert Einstein

Once we are aware and comfortable with being a channel, we learn how to shift our frequencies or vibes so we can reach any of the other dimensions at will – we can go from being a telepath, empath, healer, etc., to playing the games of fractal geometry in multi-dimensional physics at any or all levels. Things we know and take for granted as light-workers, the scientists haven’t figured out how to measure yet.

As an Astrologer, I get asked to prove it works by many skeptics but ask a scientist or mathematician a simple question like “Where does the gravity of our Solar System end?” or “How fast and far does Love travel?” and they find the stock answer isn’t right but at least it does get them to thinking – they still reject it, but it does start them on the right path.

spiritual medium

spiritual medium

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~Albert Einstein


Too bad they don’t understand the simple concept of “All is One and One is All”. I get such strange looks when they ask “Which religion or belief system is right?” and I tell them they all are. Unfortunately, it’ll take a long time for them to come up with the idea that if you roll all of the beliefs, etc. into One Whole, it is all there for them to see.


“The system that does not support the evolution and awakening of consciousness is breaking down. You have to KNOW that fulfillment of your destiny path is not dependent on that system. A new system is in motion, giving more inroads to fulfilling one’s highest destiny path. Co-creating out of consciousness brings love, prosperity, peace, and joy. When you KNOW this, you prosper.” ~Channeled through Asandra, theguidedpath.net

And physicists are correct, even though limited, when they finally figured out that the observer creates a reaction on a small particle of energy just by the simple act of observing it. Then why can’t they figure out the larger picture that every thought, every emotion has an effect on everything else in the Universe?

spiritual channeling

spiritual channeling

Einstein wanted to come up with a simple mathematical equation for his Grand Unified Field Theory and worked on it for many years without success. He’s still working on it and it keeps getting simpler and simpler. It’s out there and some day a channel will pick it up and bring it down to earth but no one will believe it’s as simple as it is.

The Beauty and Perfection of the Universe Is – Always has been and Always will be. The Balance of the Universe will always be.


“Don’t look to the outer circumstances of your life to become more positive.  See past the illusion.  See through the dark into the light in your heart.  Positivity starts and ends within, always.  It’s a matter of seeing the world as a reflection.  You are the tuning fork and the world is the sound.  Not the other way around.  Your vibration creates the world around you.”  ~Channeled by Michael Alperstein


“True creativity is channeling.  You are the vessel through which inspiration comes and is born into this world.  Often the best ideas and inventions are given to us from a Higher Power beyond us.”  ~Anonymous

Just as there is a Collective Consciousness, there is a Collective Unconsciousness. All is Maya (Maya means illusion or dream) because we created it, labeled it, defined it and studied it.  We don’t really want to understand the Universe – we just want to understand ourselves.  What we see are only our own projections on the Universe, we ourselves created.  The outer world is a projection of the interior world and the level of consciousness we experience.

The roles we play are little like channeling also.  We “become” a part in the play sometimes.  There will always be Tree-Huggers, Greenies, Capitalists, Economists, Politicians, etc., etc., etc. Some of us live a different set of values than the rest of humanity. This is what we are and this is what we do. And we all do change the World every minute we exist.



There are a variety of views on channeling.  Here is one video that helps illuminate the subject further:



“Close your eyes. Think of your breaths as lives, and you the entity through which they have passed and are passing. Then you will feel your state of grace…”  ~ Seth/Jane Roberts

Also, do check out Author, artist and Channel Asandra.  She wrote a beautiful book called Contact Your Spirit Guides.  Light Workers World sometimes has Live Channelings with Asandra, so be sure to sign up for our email list to keep informed.


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What do you think channeling is?  Does it mean something very specific to you?  Or do you think there are many ways to view what channeling is?   Have you had an experience of channeling?  Please share in the comments field below.  Your views matter.  We want to hear them!

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