Many people speak of “the one” – a soulmate, a twin soul, a person you feel so at home with you naturally want to share the rest of your life with him or her.  With the many stresses and strains of modern life, meeting people can be difficult. This is why many people find it hard to imagine there is “the one” out there for them. However, it is the tale of destiny that tells us that everyone has a twin soul waiting for them, and it is entirely possible to avail yourself to meeting your soulmate. We’ve gathered some tips and quotes on love to help you attract love.

Although some soulmates are just more difficult to find than others, realize it can happen anytime and don’t be attached to how it happens.  Just be open.  You may pass him or her in the street every day and just don’t know it, so it is important that every now and again you stop and pause for a moment to ensure you are not living your life too quickly – passing your true love by.


“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” ~ Zora Neale Hurston


Here is a relaxing meditation video for cultivating the feeling of love inside you.  As you feel more love in yourself, you attract more love on the outer level.   Get comfortable and relax into it…

You may not realise it, but you might not be displaying the signs that you are open to love in everyday life, or when you meet someone new.  So one thing to do is to work on the inner and outer level.  Your inner set of attitudes and perceptions affects your body language and signals and, well, just about everything…  So some keys to showing that you are open to love, particularly when meeting someone for the first time are as follows:

tarot cards

tarot cards

  •    Allow yourself to trust the person you are talking to, be open to what they are saying to you.  Realize we all have similar challenges and we’re not all that different from each other.
    • Make conversation, ask questions, and show an interest in getting to know them and what they have to say. Don’t let them do all the talking.  Listen with your Heart.  Be willing to put your worries aside and give kind attention to the other person.  Give love.  In order to “get love” you start by “giving love.”
    • Don’t live in the past. Look beyond previous heart ache you have experienced. This is someone new, they aren’t the same person who caused you pain in the past. Remember this: We each change and we are not the same person we used to be.  Get into the present moment by energizing a feeling in your heart of “newness” and openness.
    • Enjoy the company of a new person in your life! There needn’t be an expected outcome, simply enjoy the time spent with this person, getting to know them and allow things to progress naturally.

If you remember these points when meeting someone new, this will help you remove some of those emotional barriers many of us put up when meeting someone new, without consciously knowing we did so.

“Dare to be imperfect and one day there will tug at your sleeve a soulmate.” ~Robert Brault


A huge step to becoming more open to love is learning to accept yourself for who you are, live each day to the fullest and stop dwelling on what you believe you are lacking. This is a difficult task, but some tips that can help you achieve this are below:

  • Be clear about what you want. What do you see for your future?  Don’t settle for less, you are worth it and you can do it!
    • Appreciate all the things that you have in your life, your friends and family, your health. Acknowledge this every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Write down (and feel!) things you have now that you are truly grateful for.  Genuine gratitude for where you are and what you have paves the way to attracting more of what you want, including more love.
    • Stop comparing yourself to other people. As humans, this is something we do naturally but it can destroy your self esteem and self worth. Remember we are all different and the person you are comparing yourself to or somebody, somewhere is most likely is thinking the same about you!

With all of this in mind, you can learn to accept yourself and become more confident when meeting new people.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”Thich Nhat Hanh

soulmates and twin flames

soulmates and twin flames

As matters of the heart have become a key part of many people’s lives, the number of people deciding to visit a psychic  or a tarot reader to help them find out when they will meet their perfect partner, when, and what will attract them to that person has risen. As people seek out new ways to find insight and guidance in to their love life, tarot reading is a popular option.

“The one” isn’t just about love; love can be fleeting and temporary. “The one” is about building a long lasting, solid and eternal relationship with a person who accepts you for all your faults and who compliments you as a person. It is someone you share beliefs with on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

During a psychic reading or tarot reading, many people decide to ask questions to the reader so that they know the focus that you want the reading to take. A tarot reading, for instance, can look at any part of a person’s life including your career, your family, or your future.

The cards are a fantastic tool to open up intuition and expand your capacity to receive love.  But you have to ask for what you want.  If you want the reading to focus on your love life and your ability to find “the one” then make the reader aware of this and they can tune in to these particular energies.

Tarot readings are not the only psychic reading you can choose to have on your mission to find the one. Some people decide to visit psychics who use pendulums, mediums, or people who use crystal balls and other items to see into the future. The psychic is able to form pictures of the future in their mind which allows them to relay messages back to the person having the reading. This is popular as these kinds of readings can give yes or no answers which are direct and to the point.


“The state of love is the state of grace. The development of that state and the unlocking of its mysteries brings one to the condition where there is no separation between oneself and others”  ~N. Sri Ram

You can have a psychic reading or tarot reading face to face, over the phone or on the internet. Many people choose to have web chat readings because this means they are not limited to their geographical location and can speak to any psychic, anywhere in the world. Other people like to see a reader face to face so that they can really experience the whole of the reading and see and pick the cards directly, if it is a tarot reading.

Whatever method that is chosen, psychic readers have helped many people to realise their romantic future and determine their pathway forward.

Some wonderful quotes on love:

Remember you are not alone; thousands of other people are also still searching for “the one”.  Focus on yourself, they will enter your life when you least expect it, and although tarot readings and psychic guidance may offer comfort and insight when you need it most, your own self worth and happiness should always be priority.

This article was written by the good folks over at   Stop by their site.  There are some great Tarot card readers there.

An open question to all:

What have you learned about matters of the heart?  What suggestions do you have for meeting your soulmate?  Please share your tips and ideas in the comments.

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