Gifted spiritual medium Asandra joins us live here at Light Workers World, sharing messages direct from the Master Teachers.



 “I don’t know where to start. I am beyond belief. From the infinite, timeless I thank you Asandra for helping me connect to answers I had been waiting for my whole life! I am so happy to have met you. You are part of my journey. Thank you.” ~N.A., United Kingdom


Join us if you are ready to:

♥ Re-awaken to a higher purpose in your life beyond the mundane

♥ Live from a sense of deep trust

♥ Find your path to fulfillment

♥ Deepen your connection with higher guidance


Asandra - How to contact your spirit guides

Asandra - How to contact your spirit guides

Stay tuned for the next session in October of 2011!

All are welcome from around the world! This is a time to assemble with Master Teachers and come into alignment with your passion and soul purpose.


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The Event: “Aligning With Your Soul Purpose”

Where:  Via conference call from wherever you are.  Register for the event and we will send you the call-in information.

Cost:  $11

If you need to contact us, our email is: [email protected]


“I wish I could convey in words how much I appreciate your ‘work.’ I can’t imagine where I would be in my spiritual journey without the depth of loving wisdom you channel…  Messengers come in all shapes and sizes and I know it’s your own spiritual maturity that enables your messages to be as expansive and penetrating as they are.  I feel I’ve been fast-forwarded many lifetimes.”  ~GG, Hawaii


star art

star art by Asandra

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The Path of Mastery – Channeled by Asandra

When the soul is aligned with the true path, the way forward will present itself. The soul directive is so powerful that it creates a magnetic attraction to those energies that provide concrete manifestation. The path, however, is nonlinear, and therefore progress will not always be apparent. If the individual is allied with their life purpose, then trust in the circuitous route of the path is necessary.
Trust creates the space for the individual on their true path to clear karmic energies. Often, when an individual experiences difficult challenges, the assumption is that they have fallen off the path. Quite the contrary is true, however. In fact, the trials that one may encounter are akin to clearing the road of debris for the purpose of safe travel.


How I Met My Spiritual Double

Spirit Guides

The individual is being called upon to activate that part of their consciousness that can access the highest wisdom. This is referred to as the Path of Mastery. It is a pathway that is often filled with a combination of steep hills, narrow passageways, and gentle valleys. The road will not always be a well-paved highway. When a person is clear in their desire to be elevated in their consciousness, they must embrace all the twists and turns of the path.
Awakening is its own reward. The times that challenge an individual are also the opportunity to encounter wisdom, humility, compassion, and so on. Ordinary life will not take one to the very depths of one’s awareness. It is the superior life; the one lived on the precipice of awakening that is the one worth living.
© Asandra 2011


“The messages of Contact Your Spirit Guides offer practical down-to-earth insights on how to live a more fulfilling life. They take you away from the static of ego to the much needed clarity of Spirit.”  ~John Randolph Price, Bestselling author of The Angels Within Us and The Abundance Book.


Contact Your Spirit Guides by Asandra is a remarkably accessible and helpful book for anyone ready to get in tune with their Highest Guidance. Asandra teaches you exactly how to invite in your guides and receive empowering and life-changing wisdom.  Order it from Barnes and Noble right here:
contact your spirit guides by asandra

contact your spirit guides by asandra


So come experience an amazing gathering to accelerate your journey. Join us for our live events:
When:  Stay tuned for more inspiring Calls with Spirit!
The Event: “Aligning With Your Soul Purpose” A Special Channeling with Asandra
Where:  Via conference call from wherever you are.  Register for the event and we will send you the call-in information.
Cost:  $11
P.S. If you have a question for the Spirit Guides on this topic, email it to us, or better yet post it in the comments section below.  Though we cannot promise a personal response, your input and energy matter and the experience becomes even more powerful when we ask heartfelt questions and align our intention. 

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