Enjoy this blend of some of the best and most relaxing music on YouTube. Come here for a break in the midst of a busy day. Bookmark this page and give yourself some time to calm your mind, open your heart, and feel at peace.

Take a deep breath……  Let go and surrender into meditation.

relaxing music

relaxing music

Meditation is always effortless.  There is no need to try really hard when you meditate.

Effortlessness is the wind which carries our dreams to fruition. The harder we try, the less likely the Universe is to heed our call. When we can access effortlessness and surrender internally, the Universe bends and melds to our dreams and is eager to oblige.

Effortlessness is not incongruent with taking action. Taking action is vital! But its power increases when we take one step at a time, without being attached to the outcome.

With effortlessness, we get back in touch with a living and natural optimism inside.

Try it now:

Take a deep, relaxed breath….

Allow, breathe, open….  Be Present.  Slow time down.  This helps us feel opportunity.  Feeling opportunities inside, gets us in touch with outer opportunities….

Let every melody wash through your being and soul….    Imagine you are near a waterfall.  Feel your heart and be willing to give up all concerns and old patterns.

Feel old layers of stress falling away.  Allow the simplicity of this to happen.


Notice your sense of Self.  Deep meditation is a relaxing into the miracle of you.

meditation music

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