I have gathered some of the most potent tips to create your reality that I know of. The Secret and the Law of Attraction teach us to visualize and feel our goals. This is a start, but if we really want to manifest more of our desires, more wealth, better and more conscious relationships, and all the goals in our heart that make us want to celebrate life, we need to relinquish EVERYTHING which does not serve us and step into a realm of true magic where our attraction power is natural and effortless.

I’ve gathered ten of the best tips I know to support this inner power. Let’s explore them now:

1. Do not be concerned over the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of things appearing. It is no use to micro-manage the Universe by telling It how your life should unfold.

Change comes with flow and contentment.

Your only job is to be in the Flow of Life by consciously experiencing your joy and your clarity about your deepest mission and Higher Vision. Do this by giving the goodness of your Self to all beings you encounter. Give the gift of listening or a smile or kind attention to everyone around you. You can do it. Do what is fun. Be child-like. Give the gift of your innate power and goodness to others and simultaneously let this power and goodness into YOUR Heart.

This will activate the Law of Attraction and Universal Flow, and it will improve the circumstances of your life immensely.

NOTE: You don’t have to fully understand any of this… Part of you secretly knows everything you need…

2. Access the True Power of Intention. One way we can do this is to bring our attention to the space BETWEEN thoughts. When we let a sense of powerful ‘space’ move through our thoughts, THAT is intention.

Try this: Make an intention right now to do something very simple and easy. “I am going to pick up this pen.” “I intend to walk to the sink and wash a cup.” Follow through with it, and do it as effortlessly as possible. Imagine you feel light or transparent to light while you take this action.

When you practice making intentions for simple things, this WILL empower you in other areas. It re-connects you with the feeling and energy of intention.

It is important to realize that by connecting with the feeling of space between thoughts, we contact and merge into what we most want to feel: Love. Connecting with love empowers us to change thoughts and feelings and create pure intentions. And this love is found INSIDE us. In our hearts…..between thoughts. On one level, we do choose our thoughts. When we are conscious, we can entertain thoughts, ideas, and feelings that empower and uplift us.

To choose an uplifting thought means making an intention. You make an intention with creative energy from beyond your mind. Making an intention means manifesting an event. It’s saying, “I’m going to walk through the doorway,” and then doing it. It’s saying: “I’m going to think a new thought,” then doing it.

A pure intention is actually typing a new resume instead of just spinning our wheels about it; it’s placing a personal ad, instead of just relentlessly hoping to meet someone; it’s actually clearing the clutter from our mind and having a new, more uplifting, internal reality.

Action is intention made manifest. Love brings intention into awareness, and action brings intention to the physical realm. Thus, intention creates your experience. Intention is spiritual power.

Access this power and step out of victimhood.

“The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be, is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Abundance and Prosperity

3. Realize Deeply You Have the Ability to Attract What You Want, Especially When You Have no Idea How.

When you can picture what you want, but have NO idea how to get it, then your first step is to feel the “I don’t know.” Become at peace with it. Open up to not knowing…. Take the breaks off and DIVE in!!

Avail yourself to “I don’t know”…. This is where you are. This is a thought-form. It may or may not be true, but fighting it won’t help. Making peace with it will.

The belief that you don’t know how and should know how to get something or how to make something happen inhibits the Power of the Universe, which KNOWS how. In other words, the thought that you don’t know how unconsciously narrows your focus.

And the way out is pure acceptance. When you become totally okay with NOT knowing, your acceptance cuts through the thought “I don’t know” like a sword, and the Universe, WHICH KNOWS, will carry on with its plan.

Change your relationship with ‘I don’t know how,’ and you will soon find you KNOW how, and ultimately you always knew.

4. Gain Self-awareness of the Creator in Your Heart.

Consider this: The part of you that really WANTS to create something, is NOT the creator in you. Wanting or needing is not the creative energy that supports effortless manifestation. On the other hand, the part of you that watches life change with a twinkle in your eye, that dreams for the fun of dreaming, regardless of circumstances, IS the CREATOR in you. This part is free, fearless, and knowing. BE this part, and you will SEE change arise spontaneously.

We all have a Universal Self. Boundless and free. This is our Heart. It is beyond the mind and body; it is who we really are. Trust there is more to you than you may have thought and give the power of creation over to this infinite you.

5. Follow Your Joy and Stay in the Flow of Action and Synchronicity.

“Trust that the thing in life that excites you the most comes complete with all the tools necessary to support you in the doing of that thing. It is automatic; it is built in. All you need to do is act on the opportunities that doing that situation brings to you.” ~Bashar, Channeled by Darryl Anka

You have to help the Universe along in manifesting things. This means taking intuitive and guided action. Be still at first… Then act from your power and joy. Less is more. Take breaks often and let the Universe move through you and show you what to do.

6. Feel and Go for the Essence of Your Desire in Every Case

Try this simple exercise right now: Think of one goal you have. Whisper it to your soul. Sit silently with this goal. Listen for the essence of it. Feel that essence. …If you want a partner, perhaps the essence is love. If you want money, perhaps the essence is freedom…

Just feel the essence, the reality of the existence of your goal inside you.

This is where every goal starts and finishes.

This is the power of the first step, and it is where you get your power from every step beyond the first.

Suggested time: 5 to 10 minutes
Expected results: Increased calm, feeling your power in the present, experiential clarity that you ARE your goal.

“Beliefs, and the feelings that we have about them, are the language that “speaks” to the quantum stuff that makes our realty.”
~Gregg Braden, author of many great spiritual books

magic powers of meditation

7. Realize that Freedom to Create your Reality Expands with Attention.

Attention on circumstances you want, brings MORE of what you want.

“Hatred of war will not bring peace. Only love of peace will bring about those conditions.” ~Seth/Jane Roberts

Try this today: Practice “feeling into” a goal in your body/mind/emotions and giving it simple attention. Let attention fall on your goal. Consider that pure attention is ALL on the inside, in your Heart, and not your mind. Pure attention is gentle and easy. It’s like looking into a baby’s eyes. It is more about feeling than thought. Let the feeling of your goal envelope you now.

BE ONE with the feeling of the end result now. This will disrupt your old patterns and jolt you into a new direction to achieve a goal.

What is the key walking in this new direction? Sensing the reality of your goal INSIDE you now, regardless of outer circumstances. Then taking joyful and intuitive action.

8. Be Willing to Use Affirmations and Visualizations in Counter-Intuitive Ways

It is okay to say affirmations or do visualizations. But consider this: Your true creative power is beyond exercises, methods and techniques. It is like gravity. It just happens. It just pulls in what it needs.


Expect good things to come out of nowhere, spontaneously revealing themselves to you. Most certainly this has happened to you in the past. Good things just appear. Let it happen more.

Again, it is fine to use tools or practices, just be present when you use a manifestation tool. When you take past and future out of the equation, and you feel your power in the PRESENT, and say your affirmation as if it is already a reality, you separate yourself from doubt and set in motion the fulfillment of a goal.

9. If you want to create something new, GET IN THE HABIT OF creating things you already have.

Try this simple practice: Look at a cup for instance and declare: “I have a cup.” Think of a GOOD situation you are in, such as having a close friend, and declare: “I have this friend.” Let this be a meditation.

Repeat mantras for things that are ALREADY manifested. Focus your creative intent on what you have now.

At first glance, this process may seem strange. But fear not, it is magical: By feeling, visualizing, and creating what you ALREADY have, this practice changes your entire reality and AMPLIFIES your power and focus to bring you what you want. Try it for three weeks. Watch what a difference it makes.

10. Create What You Want with Magic in Your Sleep

Dream time is a perfect time to help manifest a goal. Try this tonight: As you drift off to sleep, ask to become ONE with your goal, in heart and feeling. KNOW your goal is available in dreams. “I am one with money,” “I am one with health.” Whatever your goal is, breathe it in while going to sleep. Though it may not be here during the day yet, get familiar with its reality in dreams. Then, (and this is key), the next day, cultivate the ‘feeling of being one’ with your goal. How? By asking to receive it as energy in your body. You CAN accelerate your path to a goal. BE your goal in sleep and you will draw it to you in waking life.

Use all ten of these practices. Take them to heart and you start to see powerful results. Share your success stories in the comment field below.


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