What Are the Keys to Making a Powerful Intention? By Michael Alperstein

One is to bring your attention to the space BETWEEN thoughts. When you let a sense of ‘open space’ move through your thoughts, THAT is intention. Intention signals the Universal Self to bring you what you want.

It is important to realize that by connecting with this feeling of space between thoughts, we contact and merge WITH what we usually most want to feel: Love.

Connecting with love empowers us to change thoughts and feelings. And love is found INSIDE us. In our Hearts…..between thoughts.

But don’t go looking for “love” inside…. FEEL and BE Love.

The absence of seeking triggers the finding…

To choose an uplifting thought involves making an intention. You make an intention with natural, creative energy from beyond your mind. The Source of intention is in your Heart, not in your mind. Will power BLOCKS intention. Love CARRIES intention.

Making an intention means manifesting an INNER event. It’s saying, “I’m going to walk through the door,” and then doing it. It’s saying: “I’m going to think a new thought,” then doing it.

A pure intention is actually typing a new resume instead of just spinning our wheels about it; it’s placing a personal ad instead of just relentlessly hoping to meet someone.

Action is intention made manifest. Love brings intention into awareness and action brings intention to the physical realm.

Thus, intention creates your reality.

Access this power and you step out of victimization.

Feel your Heart’s intention…


Light Workers World

“Hatred of war will not bring peace; only love of peace will bring about those conditions.” ~ Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts
“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” ~David Brinkley
“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”
~ Chinese Proverb ~


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