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Globally Acclaimed Hurricane Preparation Specialist and Trainer: Glen B. Stewart

Hurricane Preparation Specialist and Trainer

Hurricane Preparation Specialist and Trainer

Glen has been a alternative health researcher for 35 years. He has been a researcher into Mind Over Matter stemming from ancient martial arts training for 37 years.

This has led to world record shattering abilities. Some of these abilities include being the world’s fastest man in martial arts with 8 punches in under a second. (.97 seconds)

In addition his research has extended into the area of the body mind spirit. Here he has discovered breakthroughs in the areas of vibrational energy healing called Mind Over Matter Energy Healing or “Mankind 2.0 Healing”.

With his extensive background in optimizing the human body he also discovered that all aspects of nature can be positively influenced with specialized combination of mind over matter techniques and vibrational energy healing.

Hurricanes are massive balls of turbulent unstable energies. With this discovery Glen has perfected a training system to duplicate his amazing abilities to diffuse and dissipate even the deadliest hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes.

Today he has successfully dissipated considerably 35 hurricanes, three tornadoes and three severe tornado conditions.

His abilities can be utilized from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world.

In addition he discovered that when you combine specially trained vibrational healers from around the world you can in effect both enhance the lifesaving healing abilities and spread them over 24 different time zones.

As a result healing the human body or dissipating a hurricane can be accomplished 24 hours a day. This principle is called the Stewart principle of a global healing synergy.

Discover Breakthrough Hurricane Dissipation Training in his Stunning Free Report “Surviving Deadly Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tornadoes”.

  • Surviving with Globally Acclaimed “One With The Winds” Hurricane Dissipation Training.
  • Surviving Monster Hurricanes like 185 Mile Per Hour Super Category 5 Hurricane Rick.
  • Surviving a Killer Tornado (Dissipated Entirely Within Minutes of My Mother’s House).
  • Surviving with Exclusive “Mind Over Matter” Training with Glen B. Stewart.
  • Surviving by Saving Lives Globally from Deadly Hurricanes and Typhoons.
  • Surviving by Dissipating 35 Deadly Hurricanes and Typhoons in a Row.

If you know the value of this lifesaving hurricane preparation information for hurricane Survival – Go to and Get the Report Now!

“Humbly speaking – I’m the best in the world as a global trainer on “Hurricane Survival by Hurricane Dissipation Meditation” with readers and members on 7 continents. I’m 35 and 0 in success already.

Please spread the word so we don’t lose the Entire East Coast due to a Hurricane taking millions of gallons of oil up the East Coast of the US and Canada.”

- Glen B. Stewart

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