Balance Law of Attraction with Honesty & Compassion

Balance Law of Attraction with Honesty & Compassion

The idea that we attract everything through our thoughts is on the one hand a powerful message. However, it can also be a dangerous message when taken to an extreme perspective. We can end up blaming victims for their plight, such as: Individuals in poverty, survivors of disasters, the disabled or the abused.

I believe that at critical moments such as with Hurricane Katrina or with the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, or earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, our desire to alleviate suffering is most important. The extreme perspective can also assign wrongful thinking for causing diseases or illnesses. We feel uncomfortable when positive thinking is taken this far because it can allow us to become distant from another person’s need or suffering, since we can at some level just say, “Well, they must have brought this upon themselves.”

If taken to an extreme this perspective of our thoughts alone ultimately influencing the universe can approach arrogance. We need to be honest: Certainly our thoughts, intentions and our ability to select our reaction to events are powerful tools for personal transformation, yet this message needs to be balanced with the knowledge that we work and live in a universe where we co-create. Our intentions, thoughts and desires work with the Universal flow. So at times we need to yield and accept a better plan that the Universe offers us than our limited intentions. Secondly, while thoughts play an important role, at times our response needs to come from the heart not the head.

At a human level, we need to balance our positive thinking attitudes with authentic compassion for ourselves and others. When individuals are in need, our hearts need to respond to them with empathy, care and understanding. If our positive thoughts disconnect us from serving others, then even if we succeed at an individual level, we may fail at a social level – we may achieve material success but lose our “soul” in the process.

When we approach positive thinking or “the law of attraction” with a mechanical attitude, then we risk limiting our growth to self-interest rather than growing in our compassion. From a higher perspective, we know that spiritual growth starts within our hearts. The mind and heart work in harmony in order to create a life that is fulfilling at all levels.

Infinite Blessings!

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