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Teen Journey is a Powerful Fun-Filled Experiential Program Led by Young Assistants & Renowned International Leaders For Youth Ages 13-19.

Teen Journey - Powerful Youth Camp Experience

Teen Journey - Powerful Youth Camp Experience

Turning challenges in adolescence into life changing opportunities. Teen Journey – A Journey To Your Own Heart To Discover Who You Really Are.

Join us at one of Canada’s most naturally breathtaking & adventurous youth camps – Aug 30-Sept 05 2010 at Camp Jubilee, Orlomah Beach, North Vancouver.

Teen Journey goes far beyond an ordinary teen camp experience. While incorporating many fun activities that we have long come to associate with summer camp, including the opportunity to create deep, long-lasting friendships, there is also an invitation into the awareness of the depth and sacredness of the task of being a person of integrity and honour. A person who is true to themselves and a valuable member of a community.

We will introduce young people to tools and multi-disciplined perspectives that will support them with their most important task in life… discovering and expressing who they really are in order to contribute to the whole.

Accepting one’s own unique essence, experiencing interconnectedness with all living beings, inevitably leads us to an understanding of our own soul’s purpose. While many of the experiences during this week will be transformational in nature it is first important to understand the process of being an adolescent, psychologically.

There are two major forces that drive us as human beings in our development, the force for togetherness and belonging and the force for individuating, deciding for ourselves who we are and what course our life will take, the force for autonomy and freedom.

As children we naturally choose the force for togetherness signified by our family and tend to shift or unconsciously accommodate ourselves to fit into the family rules and beliefs of what is good or bad in order to belong. Every family has a different set of rules both spoken and unspoken of what it means to be a member of this family.  Because our very survival does depend on the contact and care from our family we will cut off or repress parts of ourselves that may not be accepted in this particular system in order to feel secure. Children will always choose the force for togetherness and belonging and adapt themselves to fit.

Yet the force for autonomy, for the freedom to decide who we are and what we will stand for, can only be submerged for so long. The stages in our lives when the clash of these two forces is most apparent is at 2 years old and again in adolescence. The 2 year old is starting to say NO, and wanting to do it themselves as a demonstration of their independence from the caregivers. The same task appears again in adolescence. The teen wants to define themselves as a separate unique being.

Whether this natural task goes smoothly or not will often depend on the parent’s response to it. It is the teenager’s job developmentally to now begin to test the family boundaries and themselves in their personal discovery of who they are. This is often a time of collision between parents and teens and much of that chaos can be brought to harmony if we understand what is actually helpful and supportive, what aligns with this task and what does not. Fight the flow of this drive and you are in effect upping the ante in terms of the teens needs to act out or act in.

Teen Journey will include the parents in a closing day workshop to learn both how better to communicate with their teens and increase their understanding of themselves and how this time can actually be an expansion in awareness for the whole family.

Teen Journey will invite teens into first an understanding and expressing who they are through intimate sharing in small group circles with teen mentors. A trained Assistant’s Team will oversee these groups and ensure that each teen is cared for, not pushed but invited into a sacred expansion of their humanity, spirituality and unique purpose.

Holding space for the entire group for the 8 days of this remarkable and creative journey will be workshop facilitators Tasha Simms M.A. R.P.C. and Ian Barhydt. Through the creativity of ritual, meditation, visualization, dance and intention, a safe and familiar container is formed that allows for stepping into the unknown to learn to trust one’s inner guidance and accept oneself.

Various internationally acclaimed leaders including Malidoma Patrice Some, Satyen & Suzanne Raja from Warrior Sage, Mahara Brenon and Native elders will come to the camp to work with the teens both in helping them experience themselves in new and deeper ways  and then calling on them to creatively determine their place in the whole community from the perspective of what they are called to give.

Each person is unique and has much to contribute to this community, just as the community will become a safe and solid container to hold the teen in their personal exploration and questioning. Once this level of confidence and purpose is reached then the teen can decide what their particular gifts are that they can offer back both globally and to their community.

The beauty of this program will not end after 8 days. Both the possibility of ongoing gatherings as a community and smaller more intimate group work will be available for the following year. Groups will focus on various themes as well as checking in to offer a supportive environment of learning and sharing. Group work can be available to parents as well in order to facilitate healthy parenting and personal exploration.

Get plenty more information on this incredible, powerful, youth camp at the Teen Journey website…

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