Community Forest Gardeners

Community Forest Gardeners

What would it be like to see the rise of a Forest Gardener in every community everywhere?

What I mean by that is every community group should train and support a few individuals whose main job is to design Permaculture gardens and habitats and establish Food Forest Gardens in every space they can find.

That means recovering/reclaiming all marginal plots along fence lines on old roads, converting all yards to food production. A bit of hunting, but raising chickens and hogs for compost and food. Sheep will be in there too and cattle not too hard on the land with salad pastures for them to eat.



We are permaculturist and are greatly interested in repairing the land and recovering the planet, and Community Food Forestry is one why we are doing that.

Now that is not growing a garden in the forest, but it is growing a garden like a forest, and what I mean by that is, you have your over story of canopy trees like nut and fruit and then dwarf trees of fruit berry and nut. Then bush berries and tall grasses and foliage like fern nettle and other edible ground cover like clover and a variety of leguminous low growing plants, and then a vertical layer of vine like grape and passion flower, right down to the mycelium level with many kinds of mushrooms and fungus.

It takes about three years to establish and then all you do is prune once a year for mulch and harvest produce when ripened. We see this as one of the strongest methods to feed the future for centuries to come.

Permaculture Gardeners

Permaculture Gardeners

We are working on this 900 year project to return the planet to the vernal eden that she really is. If people are going to live into the new age, this is what it’s going to take and more. MUCH MORE!!

Thank you! As I am the forest and you are the garden, let us grow together and be fruitful, much love and a bit more.

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